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The Best Motivational Speaker in Atlanta.Atlanta Motivational Speaker Mike Hourigan

Being a motivational speaker in Atlanta can be a daunting task knowing that it is the birthplace of a speaker who motivated an entire nation to shift their collective consciousness. Atlanta native Martin Luther King Jr. moved the world with his words and was an Atlanta motivational speaker in his own right. Dr. King is famous for his motivational speeches but also his resilience. When Atlanta Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan speaks, he relies on the power of his presentation to instill resilience in the people he is addressing as he effectively motivates his audience.

As a native of Atlanta for over 10 years, Mike believes that for a motivational speaker, Atlanta is an ideal spot for addressing changing company culture. The Georgia World Conference Center hosts conferences of all shapes and sizes throughout the year. Situated in the heart of downtown Atlanta, the GWCC has the energy of the entire city coursing through its campus. As a motivational speaker, Mike draws upon that energy as he mixes wit and wisdom in his delivery of truly inspiring programs. Breakout sessions with Mike can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization.

Mike Hourgian is renowned in the international community for his powerful motivational speeches, but he is always drawn back to Atlanta. The rich history of Georgia’s capital city compliments its modern vibrancy. As a motivational speaker in Atlanta, Mike guides his audience to a crystal-clear understanding of their present situation, either as individuals or as a company, before giving them perfectly-tailored tools for change.

Mike Hourigan is a Motivational Speaker in Atlanta as well as an Author and Consultant who specializes in communications skills training and change management.

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