Mike’s Most Popular Keynote Speech

Riding-the-waves-without-getting-wet-book_cover-9Riding the Waves Without Getting Wet is Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan’s extremely popular book title and is used for both Keynote Speeches as well as breakout speeches. This title is so popular that many associations and companies have asked to use the title for their events and Mike Hourigan has customized the programs just for them.  Some organizations have even themed their meeting around the book title and included a book signing by author and Keynote Speaker, Mike Hourigan.


“What an amazing story and so many life lessons to learn from it. I “dog-eared” pages I knew I would want to return to for insight, but now that I see there are so many… might as well do cover to cover again.”
-June Sedlak Mooney, Vice President Sedlak Interiors

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