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Millennial Keynote Speaker
  Teaching Your Sales Team How to Sell Without the Feeling of Being Sold To When it comes to training and motivating your sales team, those darn Millennials are at it again. There’s sales methods that older than dirt which entail the finer nuances of observation and communication, many of which are still widely employed today, but the times are changing. In fact, times are not just changing but changing...

How to Motivate Your Millennial Sales Team

Millennial Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan
It’s no secret that Millennials, despite all of the flack they receive from older generations, have a great deal of untapped salesmanship potential that likely hasn’t been nurtured yet. Millennials have a lot of technical knowledge but not enough soft skills and in facing tough financial and job markets, they also weren’t really taught how to negotiate. The potential is there but it needs to be brought forth.

Change Management isn’t always about Change Management

Change Management
It may sound redundant, but it’s true. A simple fact of life is that people change. While change management is a holistic and long-term strategy of preparing teams and other stakeholders for change and guiding them through the challenges arising from it, sometimes a change management strategy just isn’t solely about organization-wide change management itself. It’s about people’s reaction to change. How people themselves also change over time. Culture...

Common Mistakes when hiring a Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan
  Common Mistakes in Hiring a Keynote Speaker You need a great keynote speaker for your event and in all the hoopla leading up to it, you might be getting overwhelmed. As a result, you can end up making some mistakes when choosing a keynote speaker: this can cause your meeting to totally flat flat, or other aspects of your event can go wrong. Here are some common mistakes...

Partial Client List

Partial Client list for sales training programs offered by keynote speaker mike hourigan
"I appreciate how prepared you were, your flexibility to meet and plan with us, and your commitment to achieving the objectives we established for our event....thank you for helping make the time we dedicated to this event meaningful and worthwhile for our Leadership Team, which is a team that places a lot of value on concrete results." - Aetna

Association Clients

Mike Hourigan's association keynote speech clients
"I like it when a speaker states early on that he’s not going to waste the audience’s time and then delivers on that promise. Mike’s insight on corporate structure, dealing with rapid change, and taking time to deal with the results of changes on our employees, set the perfect tone for the kickoff of our annual conference." - President, Association of Alternate Postal Systems

Company Clients

Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan's company clients
"What an exceptional experience having Mike speak to our group of directors and managers...his presentation was unique, energizing and entirely helpful...he shaped his presentation around the company's mission and current needs...having hired many keynote speakers, I could see the difference in interest, professionalism and the level of engagement Mike brought to the job!" - Childcare Network

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Clients

Keynote Speaker and Breakout Speaker holding keynote speeches to Pharmaceutical clients
"You were able to capture the attention of our diverse audience, which included front line supervisors from nursing to environmental services up to our executive leaders including our regional president. Your unique style and talent helped to intrigue this sometimes-tough audience. You demonstrated a remarkable ability to mix humor into a motivational message." - Novant Health

Government Clients

Government Keynote Speech clients of Mike Hourigan
"Your remarks were direct and totally addressed the requirements we desired to fullfil. It is not an easy task to make an indelible impression on the leadership of any organization, but through your enthusiasm, humor, and thought-provoking message you certainly accomplished that....." - U.S. Army