(This is not Mike Hourigan’s Introduction)

Mike Hourigan
Author, Speaker, Consultant

Mike Hourigan is known for the satirical, real-world wisdom he brings to his audiences.  His original material draws from his international education, early blue-collar jobs, executive positions with Cargill Incorporated and Olympus Corporation and years of interacting with his audiences. These well-rounded experiences produce high-energy messages that captivate his listeners and provide Mike with an uncanny ability to plug into individual situations while relating with understanding and humor.  This talent earns him comments like, “I get the feeling he works in my department!”

Mike has worked with some of the country’s most successful organizations including: Marriott, General Mills, Disney, Harley-Davidson, and ExxonMobil.  He has also worked with numerous state and federal agencies including:  the U.S. Army, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Mike is co-author of Riding the Waves Without Getting Wet; A Journey to Leadership and Motivational Selling.

Mike engages his audiences and keeps them alert through quick insights, lively participation, and memorable and humorous stories. Audiences leave his programs enlightened, entertained, and ready to face new and challenging situations head on.




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