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Thanks to today’s technology,  employees are no longer limited to working with whoever’s in the same room as them. Between our data-driven world and the strong emphasis on individual technical proficiency, collaborating and working well in a team is much more complex than it used to be.
Team building is a skill that needs to be learned and one that can be challenging to teach.

Teams aren’t static or monolithic, either: employees can feel completely upended by a new member and everyone needs to find creative and efficient ways to solve problems. Every team building effort has unique challenges to rise above, as well as advantages based on the members’ skills and experience.

Knowing how to build and fortify teams is a skill that every human resources manager needs to develop in order to be able to foster the kind of communication and collaboration that makes organizations meet objectives and exceed expectations.

Mike Hourigan is an adept team-building speaker with experience in teaching team-building skills to HR managers and workforces in a diverse array of industries and organization sizes. No matter the size of your team and your organization’s objectives, Mike’s team-building expertise can turn conflicting team members and failed objectives into finished projects and a serious competitive advantage.


How to Manage a Multi-Generational Workforce

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“Thank you for helping make the time we dedicated to this event meaningful and worthwhile for our leadership team, which is a team that places a lot of value on concrete results.” Aetna


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