Intergenerational workforces are now a fact of life.

Millennials are the largest and most diverse generation in American history. As the older end of the cohort is beginning to dominate the workforce, the younger end is just starting their career journey. With Boomers and Gen Xers still holding the fort in senior management positions, this has led to a lot of strained workplaces. Not having a proper strategy for handling generational differences can lead to miscommunication and even conflict.

If you’re looking for an engaging and funny intergenerational keynote speaker, Mike Hourigan can deliver memorable and actionable lessons that will leave the audience clamoring for more. A noted multigenerational workplace expert, Mike has closely studied how different generations work, communicate, value their work, and interact with one another to see what keeps workplaces humming and what disrupts that harmony.

Learning how to work with generational differences is an invaluable investment in your workforce.
Mike can lead the way getting Boomers, Xers, Gen Y, Gen Z, and beyond to become in sync.

Mike’s Most Popular Millennial & Generational Programs:

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    “Raycom Media brought Mike Hourigan in to speak with a diverse group; young and old, newbies and veterans in broadcasting. We knew it would be no easy task to find a speaker who would appeal to such a wide age range with such varied backgrounds. His goal was to educate the team about communication styles, and how best to interact with all types of people. As we work in the communications industry, this is crucial to our daily activities.
    Not only was Mike’s presentation well put together and overflowing with all the information we asked him to cram in, he was funny, engaging, and thoughtful. It was impressive to watch him both establish credibility and encourage our employees to relax and be entertained in the blink of an eye. The event attendees were alternately laughing, furiously taking notes, and engaged in deep conversation on Mike’s topics. I could not imagine a speaker hitting all of the criteria of the presentation while keeping the crowd entertained in a better way. The feedback we received from employees was some of the most positive we’ve seen at these events, and we were encouraged by them to have him back as soon as possible. We may just have to take their advice on that!” – Raycom Media