Millennials, Management & Me:

How to Develop a Millennial Management Mindset

Millennials are on the cusp of becoming first-time managers or advancing into middle management.  In this capacity, they will be managing, working for and with three other generations in the course of their careers.

Each generation brings their own set of values and a unique work ethic to the workplace. It is the confluence of these different ideas, values, and knowledge that will form the foundation for an exhilarating, sometimes exasperating, but nevertheless engaging work experience.  The ability to translate expectations and values into a common language is what will make organizations thrive and outshine their competitors.

Join Mike as he shares his ideas in this extremely exhilarating, hilariously exasperating and guaranteed engaging look at Millennials, Management and Me.


Here are some of the highlights from Mike's engaging Millennial Speech

What is the big deal about Millennials anyway?

  • The financial reason
  • The management reason
  • The environmental reason

Who are They and Who do They Think They Are?

  • Why all the concern about Gen Y?
  • Why is generational conflict any different that it has ever been?
  • Why do Millennials get such a bad rap?

Audience Members Will Learn:

  • How to move forward as an organization, association, or government entity
  • How to make Millennials part of the management team
  • How to give Gen Y’s what they need for direction
  • How to teach them the vital communication skills they are lacking
  • How to train Millennials how to be better managers
  • How to transform employees into world class leaders
  • How to cure Millennial ignorance

See what people are saying about Mike's Multi Generational Programs

Captivating from the first words he spoke. Mike entertained, informed, and engaged our multi aged audience on a topic of real importance, millennials in management. His presentation was rich in reality, strong in information, and accepted easily with his humor. Every level of business attending the seminar from large international corporations to small mom and pop businesses was impressed by Mike.
He is a “must have” speaker.
- Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce
CEO and former Speaker of the House
Lynn Snodgrass

I hired Mike Hourigan to conduct two 3-hour sessions in one day for all of our 300 management and key personnel. The only guidance I gave him was that I wanted our people to come away from his session feeling better about themselves, their boss, their employees, their work environment, and our company. We called the session “The Best You Can Be.”

Mike not only delivered on his charge, but he did so in such a profound and professional manner that our people said it was the best training and motivational session we had conducted to date. Mike’s combination of practical and usable techniques mixed with relevant story-telling and timely humor, and doused with his exciting blend of enthusiasm and energy, made the day one to remember for everyone.

My superiors praised my selection of Mike for the event and I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.  He was certainly a bargain and a value. I look forward to my next event with Mike as the keynote.
-Drexel Heritage Furnishings Inc. 

Millennial Management and Generational Programs

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    I want to take a minute to tell you how wonderful Mike Hourigan’s workshop is on “How to Deal with Just About Anyone, and What to Do If You Cannot”. His demo tape did not do him justice. This was the first year we brought in an outside speaker. We made the right choice.

    Mike was very energetic, positive, funny, and yet focused on conflict resolution. He was able to get his message across loud and clear. His ability to take the simplest or most complex conflict and reduce it to a manageable state is fabulous. Our group was really pumped after this workshop. On Friday, we had the open discussion part of our program where things can sometimes get a little heated. We had the opportunity to use the skills we learned on Wednesday from Mike and they worked beautifully!

    I would highly recommend Mike to any organization seeking a way to teach people skills to their employees. You may certainly use me a reference if you feel the need.
    -Province Healthcare