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Here’s what you will learn from these team building training programs:

  • How to work with different generations
  • Getting incredible results by maximizing intergenerational strength and talents
  • Getting incredible team results in half the time
  • How to set goals your team will get committed to
  • Understand the four stages of team development and what to do at each stage
  • How to promote team harmony and eliminate feuds
  • How to assess your team for greater productivity (assessment tool included)
  • Manager’s team leader checklist (included)

Most requested Topic on Team Building and Teamwork

Teamwork Is More Than Just Hats & T-Shirts:
How to Inspire Commitment, Teamwork, and Cooperation

Simply giving out team hats and shirts does not make a team gel – but having the right management and communication skills do. All too often people think throwing a bunch of people together and calling them a team will get better results. Usually what happens is the dedicated, hard workers end up doing more work and the slackers get to do less. Mike Hourigan’s team building program will look at the real issues of developing a winning team. Issues addressed include: what to do with people who do not want to be team players; finding individual strengths and maximizing them for best results; understanding why it seems impossible to get along with certain people and how to communicate with them; how to deal with the “know it all, back stabbers”; and dealing with another time waster – meetings. You will learn problem-solving methods to optimize team effectiveness and get the tools you need to achieve superior results with your teams.

One of Mike’s Team Building Articles:
Team Building Speaker Mike Hourigan

Team building, teamwork and team player are terms that everyone seems to use when describing a work place. Companies know that a successful team can produce incredible results and it is up to the company to equip their teams with what they need to succeed.

Today companies have team building events instead of picnics and Christmas parties. Name tags in restaurants and retail chains say things like “team member”, “team leader” and “coach.”

Everyone wants to be on the winning team. Unfortunately, without the proper understanding and team building training, most team building events produce more team injuries than team building results.

That’s why Team Building Speaker Mike Hourigan’s programs are crafted to give team leaders and members the tools and skills needed to produce repeatable and lasting results. Sure your team will laugh and have fun learning the rules of the game, but more importantly your team will leave wanting to play again and with the same team members.

Teambuilding Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan

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    Team Building Speaker Mike giving an example of how to praise employees.

    Mike Hourigan provided a team building training session for 25 of Continental’s senior leadership team. He was very engaging, personable and provided an interactive teambuilding session that allowed us to take back real-life concepts for implementation in our respective departments.
    – In-House Corporate Counsel,
    Continental Express. Inc.

    Another one of Mike’s Team Building Articles:
    Team Building Speaker: Getting Ready to Succeed

    From the theoretical in the boardroom to the practical application in the office, the intricacies of team building in a corporate setting are one of the most essential practices to ensuring a smooth-running, high-producing, work place.

    Many things can make a company struggle; vague vision, poor customer service, weak sales practices, etc.  Ultimately however, the quality of your company will depend on the quality of team building within the organization. My advice: go head to head with the very best training opportunities to ensure a strong and cohesive team of professionals in your organization;  that includes everyone from the company’s CEO to reception and logistics.

    Many companies have been able to turn their bottom line and ultimate success around, just by working on team building. The time and effort spent to achieve a successful team building practice is an investment a company never regrets making.  The method of choosing where and with whom to invest your team building efforts will make an impact on the way your organization performs and thrives.  Planning a team building practice with the employees begins by reviewing all of the good things that are already happening in the organization and all the good things that are likely to happen as a result of greater team communication and cohesiveness.  There’s no magic bullet in building a great team.  There is definitely magic in team building within an organization that hasn’t embraced the strengths of firm team relationships yet.

    Effective managers never fail to acknowledge that their business and corporate success is based primarily on the ability to select and motivate a team of employees that works together to the benefit of the business.  Which means that one of the most valuable management skills you can have is the ability to recognize and choose the talent you need, whenever and wherever it appears.  Outside of the traditional methods of hiring outstanding employees in critical job functions, managers must also assemble the members of the team to work together and assume greater responsibilities as a team rather than a single employee.

    Team building however, can be a little more complex than just asking employees to work together to better the business’s bottom line.  An approach many companies – both large and small – take is employing the services and expertise of a keynote speaker and/or corporate trainer to take their team building aspirations to the next level. A keynote speaker or corporate trainer has the skills and proven-practices of working within organizations to strengthen teams of exceptional talent and find a role for all employees – that will benefit the company in a positive and lasting way.

    Team building may seem complex to many organizations, and it is indeed an acquired aptitude to ensure every employee is serving as an active asset to the organization.  Team building however, should not be an elusive ideal.  With the expertise and guidance of a well-practiced and knowledgeable corporate trainer or public speaker, that critical first step of building an effective executive team will make a world of difference to your organization.

    The longer I am in business, the more I realize that the success of any business almost never hinges exclusively on the efforts of just one person in an organization.  It involves, to a larger extent than you may realize, the efforts of an entire workplace – making team building, a practice no organization ought to go without.

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