The Proficient Use of Change Management: Making Change Work for You

Change Management Outline

Making change work

  • Truths about change
  • The difference between 20th and 21st century organizations
  • How to identify and understand the four phases of change
  • How to see change as an opportunity, not a problem
  • The individual’s wheel of change
  • Four life-change strategies

Making change work for you

  • Understand how people react differently to change
  • Your three personal action options in dealing with change
  • Learn how to respond, not react, to change
  • How to entertain creative solutions to problems
  • How to avoid the failures of change
  • Two types of change: incremental / transformational
  • Using a change statement

Making change work for others

  • Communicating change
  • How to implement change while maintaining productivity and high morale
  • How to communicate change as a positive force
  • How to be more sensitive to team members’ emotional aspects of change

Making change work for your team

  • How to guide the process of change to achieve desired results
  • How to foster acceptance of change without confusion, depression, or fear
  • How teams react to change
  • How to manage denial, anger, and bargaining among team members
  • Using the influence of short-term wins
  • The relationship of lifelong learning, and the capacities to succeed in the future

Audience versions: leadership, management, HR, sales management, sales
Format: keynote, breakout, full day

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