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How often have you said: “That employee would not have gotten hurt if they followed the procedure.” or “We have safety posters everywhere, why don’t they read them?!” As safe as organizations want and try to be, accidents still happen. Most safety audits reveal communication issues were to blame and more often than not, good intentions were the culprit. Communicating a culture of safety can be difficult when demands on time and people increase, but it can be done if you are communicating safely.

Mike Hourigan has worked in many dangerous environments including: a steel mill, a leather tannery, a shoe factory, a wire factory, and a recreational vehicle plant. He saw how shortcuts and “work- a rounds” injured people. He also saw how management’s safety philosophy, or lack of it, contributed to unsafe situations.

This high-energy, fast paced, session brings understanding to some of the most difficult communication problems affecting safety. Mike’s satirical and real world look at organizational communication and safety weaves you through the workplace minefield and provides easy-to- use solutions.

Mike’s keynote covers:

  • Creating a culture of safety by giving people permission to think
  • How to truly reward safe behavior
  • It’s not about the regulations it’s about the explanations
  • Lock in / Lock out logic
  • How to ask, “why did you do that,” without sending employees into defense mode
  • Selling the safety sizzle to unmotivated employees
  • Mutual trust and teambuilding
  • The dilemma of a good safety record
  • How to use your company’s marketing messages to promote safety
  • Helping employees slow down when in a hurry

Make sure to ask Mike to tell his “safety glasses are not a fashion statement” story; or, how he turned product features into a safety message at General Mills.

Some of Mike’s safety clients include:

  • AON
  • The Risk Management Society (RIMS)
  • Electric Utility Cost Group (EUCG)
  • General Mills
  • Unocal
  • Florida Natural Gas
  • American Hospital Association\
  • Hurst Jaws of Life
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Rheem Corporation
  • Southeastern Gas Association


Safety Speaker Mike’s Most Popular Programs:

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“Congratulations and thank you for your outstanding support by presenting your seminars to my staff. Each has been superb and highly effective…To date, you have trained 1,522 Womack employees–military, civilian, and contractor alike… We have received rave reviews from our staff regarding your presentation style and more importantly, your content. Your style of combining your personal experiences and your experiences with us have allowed your audience to be in touch with the subject matter. You continually provided real world situations with positive solutions for each individual to take back with them to the job site. Not only do we at Womack feel that the seminars have been a complete success, but they also have helped to boost the morale of our staff as well. Thank you again for making these seminars so very successful.”
– Ft. Bragg, Colonel, U.S. Army

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