Soft Skills Training

Are you frequently wondering why you have incredibly skilled people in your company but what they have in technical ability seems to overpower the kind of emotional intelligence required to take the organization to new heights?

If you feel that communication in the workplace isn’t at the level you know your talent is capable of, you’re not alone. 44% of executives feel that having weak soft skills is the most pressing issue when it comes to gaps in American workforce proficiency.

In today’s technology and data-driven world, emotional intelligence has definitely been sidestepped and soft skills are notoriously hard to teach. They don’t develop in a person overnight, after all! Mike Hourigan is a renowned soft skills trainer specializing in Millennial workforces and other groups that were taught to prioritize technical capacity over more holistic forms of communication. His funny and engaging soft skills training programs rise above the challenge in teaching these skills and will leave your workforce not only more emotionally intelligent, but with capabilities they will take with them the rest of their careers and lives.

Mike’s soft skills training programs cover the most important takeaways for your team like:

  • Working well in a team opposed to just an individual at a desk alone.
  • Learning how to communicate using verbal cues, body language, and other aspects of reading people that is frequently lost behind a snappy text message or email pertaining to an urgent project.
  • How your employees think and feel, and the way this represents an organization’s core values.
Soft Skills Training Speaker Mike Hourigan

Soft Skills Training Speaker

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