Negotiation Skills Training Speaker 

The art of negotiation isn’t just for salespeople. People simply don’t know how to strike the most mutually beneficial deal and get what they want without the other party feeling resentful. It’s true of asking for a raise or asking for a better price on millions of units. But it’s certainly true that if you want your sales force to become rock stars at what they do, in age where people increasingly don’t like the feeling that they’re being sold to, they need to increase their negotiation skills.

An expert sales team trainer, Negotiation Skills Training Speaker Mike Hourigan has helped sales teams develop new strategies and solutions that result in improved performance and long-term benefits in a fun and engaging environment. His negotiation skills training will have the audience going from being nervous about a prospect that rejected them to brokering nine-figure mergers.

The Breakout was a big hit with our customers, teaching them the skill of negotiating along with the understanding of why not to settle for less than they want.
– Business Solution Manager PPG

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