Title: How are Multi-Generational Teams Supposed to Work, Really ?


Program Outline

Are Results about Teams or Individuals?

  • The two key things every winning team has going for it, regardless of age differences
  • Eight qualities that set championship teams apart from others
  • What implementing the best ideas from each generation can do for your organization
  • What types of generational language will work best with your staff

How Does Your Team Stack Up?

  • An invaluable aid to chart your team’s effectiveness
  • How to discover hidden generational language barriers that are inhibiting team success

How To Turn a Multi-Generational Group Into A Champion Team

  • How to get the millennials to support company protocols
  • Understanding the different needs of each generation
  • Bridging the gap with generations to maximize team buy-in
  • A blueprint for creating a diverse ‘model’ team
  • Understanding the stages of successful team blending
  • Five-steps to higher productivity with all four generations

How To Push Performance Right Off The Charts

  • Setting goals that all generations in your team can commit to
  • How to make sure each age group knows what’s expected of them
  • How to set goals and deadlines for each generation in ways that are effective

How To Maintain Control

  • Design a control system for keeping communication healthy in the workplace
  • The eight roles crucial to a multi-generational team’s success
  • How to promote harmony among age groups and eliminate feuds
  • How to solidify your position as a team leader with all four generations
  • Rules any team can live by

How To Get Generations To Work Together

  • How to decide which generation is best suited to do what
  • How to match the right person to the right roles
  • How to incorporate personality types into a cohesive team
  • How to deal with your personal frustrations with individual personalities and generational styles
  • How to teach employees to solve problems

How To Make Sure You Are On The Right Track

  • How to monitor individual and group performance
  • How to keep communication channels open
  • How to correct employee mistakes without harming morale
  • Tips for running multi-generational meetings in less time

How To Evaluate Individual And Team Performance

  • If you can answer these questions, you’ll know your diverse team is clicking
  • How to incorporate all you’ve learned into your day-to-day routine


Audience Versions: leadership, management, HR, sales management, sales, general Audience
Format: keynote, breakout, full day

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