Sales and Marketing to the Four Generations: Predictive Buying Habits

For generations, sales and marketing departments have been trying to find the selling sweet spot for their goods and services. Billions are spent each year on market research, forecasting models, and new sales systems. Sales managers spend endless hours looking at sales reports and statistics from the field.Sales Training Program Speaker giving a keynote speech on Sales Training

The search for the holy grail of customers, markets, and niches never ends. But the answer has always been the same. Customers buy what they want or need by purchasing what makes sense to them. So, the simple answer to increase sales is to simply find out what makes sense to them and providing it.

If you look at the four generations in the marketplace and understand what drives their sales purchases, it sheds a lot of light on why one web page or sales brochure will probably turn more potential clients ‘off’ than ‘on’.

Whether it is a Boomer buying for a Millennial or a Traditionalist buying for Xers, the dynamic will never change. Parents will always want the best for their kids and the kids will simply want what kids want.

Once kids reach adulthood, their buying decisions are additionally filtered by life experiences, what technology they are comfortable with and how the changing world affected their family, friends and themselves. Being able to pinpoint each generation’s buying sweet spot is the best way to target market and increase sales dollars for the biggest payoff.

In this illuminating keynote, Mike teaches audience members:

  • Why multi-generational buying patterns are so predictable
  • How to identify the four generations: Traditionalists, Boomers, Xers, Millennials
  • Each generation’s buying power and preferences
  • Why they buy the way they buy
  • Purchasing trust levels
  • Who they believe and why
  • How to communicate with each generation
  • Developing a sales and marketing strategy for each generational sweet spot

Mr. Hourigan was willing to speak with our Marketing and Sales Departments on several occasions prior to our meeting to ensure that we were in agreement on the scope and direction of his presentation so that our goal of motivating our sales team could be met. Also, he was able to incorporate our customers, real-life issues and even our management team into his presentation to connect with his audience and make them feel as though they were understood.
His  excitement and attention to detail helped to make our National Sales Meeting a successful event and I would highly recommend him for similar programs.

– Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc.

Mike Hourigan is a sales meeting speaker for established companies, organizations and events throughout the United States and Europe. To find out how Mike can empower a more effective sales team, call 704-907-5349, 888-PRO-KEYNOTE or fill out the form below:

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