5 Reasons Why Your Keynote Speaker Must Have a Sense of Humor

Keynote Speaker Mike HouriganIt’s happened to the best of us. You do your due diligence, hire a keynote speaker, and end up with a knowledgeable, professional, informative speaker….with absolutely zero sense of humor.


Not only is a humorless keynote speech boring as you-know-what; it’s a surefire way to waste time and money. That’s because your audience will have difficulty remembering or implementing anything talked about in the keynote speech. They won’t resonate with the keynote speaker, and they won’t give the keynote speech a second thought once it’s over.

Here are 5 reasons why hiring a keynote speaker with a sense of humor will help you avoid an audience-wide snoozefest:

  1. People remember funny

When you make someone laugh, you create an instant emotional connection with them. The part of their brain that stores long-term memories is activated, and they’re much more likely to remember the content of a keynote speech for years to come.

  1. People trust funny

A keynote speaker that can make an audience laugh is a keynote speaker who engenders trust with that audience. Inspiring laughter means that the keynote speaker knows what makes your audience tick; they “get them” on a human level, and can therefore be trusted.

  1. Funny resonates

Your audience must first open themselves up to the keynote speaker through laughter, which helps them let their guard down and relax. Then, and only then, can the keynote speaker go deeper with their core message.

  1. Funny makes employees like you

If you book a speaker with a sense of humor, your employees will happily attend your events and training sessions in the future. Besides, hiring a funny keynote speaker makes you look brilliant.

  1. Funny tempers the tough stuff

Keynote speeches often touch on tough stuff like change, communication challenges, and conflict resolution. Humor allows the speaker to approach these sensitive subjects with grace.

Mike Hourigan is a keynote speaker with the most developed, nuanced, breathtaking sense of humor on the planet. He provides hilarious-yet-effective keynote speeches for established companies, organizations, and events throughout the United States and Europe.

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