What Sets Great Association Speakers Apart

  • Best Association SpeakersGreat association speakers are much different than your average keynote speaker. These association speakers have a special skill set that makes them particularly suited to address your association and provide the most effective keynote speech possible.
    A great association speaker will always…
    Deliver a speech that couldn’t possibly be given to any other group but yours. They don’t just insert a few topical references to your association’s industry into a speech they’ve given a thousand times. Great speakers craft great speeches dedicated to providing insight and actionable skills specific to your association.
  • Great association speakers set themselves apart by understanding what sets you apart. Your association is comprised of unique individuals with a unified vision. Great association speakers become intimately familiar with this vision and understand the drive and passion behind your organization’s purpose.
  • Use the past and present to create an ideal future. Where motivational speakers focus almost exclusively on the future and its promise, great association speakers clearly articulate how your association’s past and present relate to its’ future. They help you create strategies for reaching future goals based on past performance and your present state of operations.

When looking for an association speaker for your next association meeting or event, be sure to hire someone with a proven track record of helping associations meet their unique goals.

Mike Hourigan is an Association Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in change management and communication skills training for large and small associations.

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