Book: Riding the waves without getting wet by Author and Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan

Riding the Waves Without Getting Wet – A Journey to Leadership

Just as waves in the ocean come in sets of seven, “Riding the Waves without Getting Wet” delivers seven strong chapters on leadership, each cresting with actionable advice and tips that can be put to use immediately. This leadership manual is disguised as a sea-faring story of survival that follows Phillip Phelps, a selfish, self-centered manager, and Foot, a salt-of-the-Earth sailor who takes Phillip on a dramatic and enlightening voyage to leadership.

“I found the storyline engaging with several practical lessons useful for anyone managing leaders. I plan to make this book required reading for my leaders.”
– Alan Kneale, Director, Technical Support Center, Cardinal Health




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Motivational Selling: Advice on Selling Effectively, Staying Motivated and Being a Peak Sales ProducerMotivational Selling: Advice on Selling Effectively, Staying Motivated and Being a Peak Sales Producer

The only way to stay on top of your sales game is to stay focused on your goals and motivated throughout the process. Each chapter of this book is written by a sales expert on a different topic, providing a sales training program that can be read whenever you need a little inspiration or a refresher on a particular sales principle. Colleen Stanley shares tips on strategic selling, Villis Ozols shares his thoughts on how to fail successfully and Mike Hourigan shows you how to overcome rejection.

“To be an outstanding, motivated, omni-successful selling-machine…read this book!”

– Mark Victor Hansen, Speaker, Author Chicken Soup for the Soul


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