Change Management Speaker

Change management is more than simply helping your employees adapt to organizational and cultural changes. It’s not a one-stop temporary fix to a sudden shift or realizing that operations, technology, and culture have evolved over time. Change management is an ongoing strategy and mindset that prepares the entire organization for the changes that life and the constant evolution of the business world bring.

Mike Hourigan is a change management thought leader who knows that most people would rather erase change than embrace it. Mike’s techniques for staying resilient through times of rapid change, change implementation strategies, and strategies for keeping your best people during these shifts have helped organizations not just survive oncoming changes but thrive in those times.

Opportunities and growth come after change, even if that initial change is difficult to get through at first. Mike’s actionable tips for becoming change-resilient will prepare the audience for everything from bracing for regulatory changes to lasting cultural shifts.

As a result of Mike’s seminar, I feel the department is prepared to lead change within the organization.
– Executive Director
Promotion Integrity
Bristol-Myers Squibb

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