Riding the Waves Without Getting Wet: How To Manage Change In Today’s Workplace 

Change Management Program Outline:

How Change Effects Us Change Manager Speaker talks about Change in the Workplace

  • Change profile
  • What is change management?
  • A look at change around you
  • The cultural impact of change
  • The cost of organizational change
  • The two types of change
  • The change exchange

How To Interpret Change

  • How people respond to organizational change
  • How we interpret change
  • The loss factor involved with change
  • Learned optimism vs. learned helplessness

Responses To Change

  • An individual’s response to change
  • Understanding the grieving cycle
  • The 4 change response styles
  • Why people resist change
  • How to work with change resistance
  • Predictable change resistance issues

Be A Role Model For Change

  • The importance of culture on change in your organization
  • The urgency of change
  • Sell the “sizzle”
  • Recognizing how to initiate change
  • Where to find quick successes
  • Your role as a change leader

Cementing Change Successes

  • Employee buy-in
  • Change buy-in
  • Reinforcing the changes
  • How to discuss change with your employees
  • Steps for communicating change

Audience Versions: leadership, management, HR, sales management, sales, general Audience
Format: keynote, breakout, full day

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