Why You Need a Change Management Speaker for Your Next Event?

Do you really need a change management speaker for your next event? Only if you want to make change happen faster. Whether you’re navigating big changes like a merger or restructuring, or you want to inspire positive change at every level of your organization, a change management speaker can help speed the change you seek.

Everyone handles change differently. For some people, change is scary. For others, it’s exciting. When you bring in a third party to speak on change, you offer employees with both perspectives the chance to have their questions answered and their voices heard.

Whether the changes happening at your organization are internally motivated or thrust upon you by external forces, a change management speaker can help frame those changes in a positive light. When employees know what to expect and why change is happening, they will be more accepting and less resistant to the changes being made. That acceptance helps to speed and facilitate the process of change, so leadership can take the actions they need to take in order to reorganize at a higher level.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but attitudes toward change can be transformed in an instant. By working with a change management speaker who knows how to inspire while easing fears, the changes you’re facing can take hold faster than you ever thought possible. And when that happens, your organization is freed to thrive – fast.

Mike Hourigan is Change Management Speaker for established companies, organizations and events throughout the United States and Europe.

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