Why Change Management Training is More Relevant than Ever

It’s been said that change is hard, that people fear change, and that change is the only thing in life you can count on.

That’s all well and good, but none of that conventional wisdom tells us how, specifically, to adapt to, manipulate, control, and effect change.Change Management Skills Training with Mike Hourigan

Change management is a systematic approach to change. The goal of change management is to ease transitions and develop methods for approaching, navigating, and employing change in a positive way.

And there has never been a better time to use change management principles in your business!

Gone are the days of recession-proof companies, thirty-year careers, and family-owned businesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person changes jobs every four and a half years. Pair that with the fact that Millennials tend to job-hop every two years, and it’s no wonder effective change management is so desperately needed in so many workplaces!

The successful way to manage change is to approach it consciously and systematically. Employees who are concerned about company changes need to be educated and empowered to voice those fears and concerns. Change management leaders must learn how to purposefully effect change instead of letting it affect them.

Change is not something that should simply be adapted to or tolerated. Instead, change management can be harnessed and used as a catalyst for spectacular results.

Mike Hourigan is a Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in Change Management.

Contact Change Management Speaker Mike at 704-875-3030, 888-PRO-KEYNOTE or mike@mikehourigan.com.


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