IntroductionTourism Speaker Mike Hourigan

  • HOW change has affected the tourism market
  • WHY change has affected the travel industry
  • WHAT happens to DMC’s who do not change with the times

Reactions to change in the travel marketplace

  • Fear of change
  • Don’t know where or how to start
  • Buying public’s reaction to changes in the travel sector
  • Your travel sales team’s reaction to change

Understanding how people buy in today’s travel landscape and how to update sales tactics

  • The influence of the four buying generations in the travel industry
  • The influence of social media for sales and marketing
  • Buying decisions are made through different information channels
  • Buying decisions are made by different generations in organizations

Engage your “Silent Sales Force” to move your tourism sales through uncertainty

  • Using the power of a force multiplier to generate more travel sales
  • New calling strategies – LinkedIn
  • Every travel client has the communication strength of millions of buyers
  • Client services have to be much more than lip service
  • Everyone sells
  • How to communicate change to your multi-generational salesforce
  • Critical information now comes from everywhere

Positioning yourself as the go to travel/tourism expert

  • How to use positioning to become the clients trusted advisor
  • Advice is cheap, but good advice can be very expensive and very well received
  • Understanding what is important and why it is important

Some things never change and are recognized by all generations

  • Unique ideas to make meeting planners impressed when they arrive
  • Understand the four different types of buyers and how to get them to pull the sales trigger
  • How to make sure you find the buyer who can find the money
  • Making a value proposition so juicy it will be accepted by any buyer type and any generation


“Thank you for speaking about Change Management at our Visit Charlotte Partners in Tourism event. The audience was immediately engaged by your powerful, passionate and persuasive speaking style. Your ability to relate to the audience, which was made up of individuals from a variety of different professional backgrounds, was impressive . It was obvious you took the time to understand our audience and tailor a message that resonated. You were funny and engaging, and I believe everyone took away something they could implement in both their personal and professional lives. We had very positive feedback from our Partners about the event, and many stated you were one of the best speakers we had this year.”
– Visit Charlotte


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