Keynote Speaker and Breakout Speaker Mike HouriganThere are a number of reasons for businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations to enlist the professional services of some of the most knowledgeable and engaging keynote speakers USA.  When businesses say they want a US keynote speaker what they mean is, “We need to hire an innovative thinker, who provides compelling content with a high take-away value for our organization, clients and employees.”

In today’s complex and challenging economy, the perceived value derived from the various keynote speakers USA must — from the business, corporation or non-profit organizational perspective – outweigh the time and money invested in the US keynote speaker and clearly exhibit a positive ROI.

The confusion however, within many business event planners, is trying to best determine who could be the right US keynote speaker for their business needs and training.  Some questions a business planner may ask are:

  • Would a business US keynote speaker be the most effective in providing our organization with advanced leadership development?
  • Can we inspire greater action in achieving higher sales results with a plenary session involving a sales industry expert US keynote speaker?
  • Will we achieve more proficient competencies across the entire organization with keynote speakers USA who are industry experts?
  • Are we looking for motivational keynote speakers USA to engage employees and discuss the need for continuous business improvement and change management which are vital parts of our organization’s strategic plans?

Successful businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations realize that developing key core competencies of the organizational establishment through keynote speakers USA and US keynote speaker events and training seminars can play a key role in creating a leadership culture. If a keynote speaker is refreshing and smart, it can set the tone for an entire organization.  So how can you find that memorable keynoter who creates a buzz?

Trying to choose the right US keynote speaker for your business or organization may not be an easy task, but there are ways to narrow your choices and make the decision process easier.  Use the following guide as an essential checklist of helpful tips and questions that business or organizational planners should consider and address, before reaching out to a hire or select keynote speakers USA.

  1. Determine the information session – Many US keynote speaker corporate events and sessions are held to keep top executives, salespeople, or others in the organization, up-to-date on current industry trends, successful strategies, or future projections. Choose an informed US keynote speaker that can provide insight and ideas in engaging ways to meet this need.
  2. Define the expectations of the speaker –  Business event planners must communicate with several keynote speakers USA to determine and secure the best professional speaker to generate internal enhancement. Planners will be most successful with a US keynote speaker selection if they meet with executives well before starting a search for keynote speakers USA to define the expectations of the speaker.  Bring internal executives into the process early to get everyone’s opinion and avoid wasting time and going in the wrong direction.  Once the planner is clear on the expectations, get the input in writing for your speaker to take into account.
  3. Benchmark success –There is a surefire way for business planners to ensure continued future success within an organziation and that is to measure benchmarks after every event. Did the speaker provide complex problem solving, ideation, strategic innovation or other useful concepts within your organization.  If it isn’t measured, it isn’t effective. Establish US keynote speakers benchmark results to guide future planning consistently toward the company’s goals and desired outcomes. Benchmarks provide a number of critical advantages to successful keynote speakers USA events.

As you can see, the outcome of your keynote speakers USA event is significant and so is the selection of your keynote speaker. Whether a business conference, association meeting, sales conference or other event, every aspect must be planned and coordinated to engage attendees and maximize value.  Finding the right keynote speaker to provide useful and actionable knowledge will ultimately determine the success and met objectives of planning a keynote speakers USA event.

Professional US keynote speaker Mike Hourigan’s popular training seminars for managers and executives have made him a highly sought after leadership and sales consultant whose expertise and advice can immediately bring change to your team or organization. US keynote speaker, Mike, delights his audiences by providing fast, funny, fact-filled keynote speeches and motivational presentations developed just for their company meetings, sales meetings and conventions.

As an in-demand keynote speaker USA and consultant, Mike Hourigan, can help fill your next business event planning as a US keynote speaker with motivational programs, convention breakouts, seminars and workshops designed just for your audience. US keynote speaker Mike Hourigan’s most requested topics include change, management and leadership, sales management and communication skills. Associations especially appreciate the one-two punch he delivers with a keynote speech combined with a convention breakout session.


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