Communication: It’s Not Part of It It’s All of It!

– What gets people promoted – why this program is important to your career.

Understand Secrets Of  Human Behavior Communication skills building with Mike Hourigan's Communication Skills Programs
– How to bring out the best in people
– The real reasons people do what they do
– Essential skills that will work in any crisis

Polish Your Overall People Skills
– How to always give a professional first impression
– Sure ways to initiate a conversation and get appropriate information you seek
– Learn the “four minute rule” to understand people
– Use the “ATHLETE formula” to be interesting

Dynamic Communication Skills
– Real listening, the way to absorb all of what’s being said
– How to “tune in” to the feelings of co-workers
– Pinpoint hidden messages in a complaint and avoid sending the wrong messages
– How to establish limits when others are infringing on your time
– How to say “no” – under pressure and without hurting morale
– How to make requests that are accepted, without arm twisting
– How to inform co-workers of negative information

Handling Difficult And Angry People
– Separate people from problems – handle difficulties without hurting other’s feelings
– How to defuse and calm the very angry person
– Proven ideas to handle the know-it-all
– Look and act professional – even in the most heated, emotionally charged situations
– How to work with someone you Just Don’t Like

Working With Sensitive, Unhappy, Negative People
– Discuss any problem with even the most sensitive, emotional people
– How to deal with the person who has irritating habits at work
– How to handle touchy people who take everything personally
– Introducing positive change into negative work groups

Control Conflicts In Tough Situations
– “Hot potato” words – what to never say in the office
– How to resolve long-standing grudges
– Managing situations you can’t avoid: office politics, gossip, jealousy, and game playing
– How to disagree – agreeably
– When to assume authority and when to back down

Audience Versions: leadership, management, HR, sales management, sales, general Audience
Format: keynote, breakout, full day

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