Control Your Stress and Enjoy Your Life.

A Fresh Look at Stress Management

  • How to create new models for managing stress and discard ineffective old habits
  • Practice in looking creatively at old problems in new ways
  • The place of risk-taking in stress management and the benefits of becoming an intelligent risk-taker 


Why All the Concern About MANAGING STRESS?
  • What stress is and what it is doing to your body
  • The primary reason stress is causing you so many problems
  • Why stress overload is so widespread in today’s workplace
  • Three reasons people are burning out
  • The high cost you pay for not managing stress
Managing Your Stress For Peak Performance
  • Too little stress and too much stress are both problems – finding the optimal level
  • The warning signs of stress overload – what to do and what not to do about them
  • Your worst enemy in the war on stress: denial – how to combat it
  • The stages on the road to burnout
  • The five stages of stress
Reducing Stress When Levels Become Too High
  • A three level model for stress intervention and management
  • The power of a take charge attitude – what it can do and how to develop it
  • Three choices you always have in combating stress
Managing Your Stressors
  • How to communicate your needs, state your limits, and say “NO”
  • Essential principals of managing your conflicts successfully
  • How to respond to criticism in ways that keep your stress at a minimum
How To Become Stress-Resistant
  • Three characteristics of people who survive stressful times and how to adopt these to combat your own high levels of stress
  • Rational thinking – what it is and how you can use it to manage your stress
  • Four key strategies to help you change what you think about your stressors

Counteracting the Destructive Effects of Stress

  • The relaxation response – how to use it to reduce stress and improve health
  • What to eat when you are under too much stress and why
  • How to use exercise to help you survive stress and perform at your peak
  • The value of developing a sense of humor and putting plenty of play and laughter into your schedule
  • A holistic approach to managing your stress for greater quality of life

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