For a multitude of corporations and high-profile businesses, the transformation that an experienced and energized corporate speaker can effect on their team members or employees is well worth the extra budget dollars and additional time slated for the corporate training event to occur.

Top executives and CEO’s of major corporations as well as small business owners and HR professional’s alike, think of a proficient corporate speaker as a wise investment for their business dollars for years to come. The specific industry knowledge and practical know-how that a seasoned and skilled corporate speaker brings to the audience can effectively improve the value of each individual team member and employee and ultimately, positively influence the company as a whole.

A highly skilled corporate speaker, experienced in the trade of keynote speeches and educational training sessions for corporate and business audiences, has the propensity to greatly inspire, educate and generally move the audience to put their all into their professional goals and business missions. Such a speaker will put forth stimulating workshops, in-depth presentations and rousing training sessions that promote change, cohesiveness, leadership and effective communication within the workplace – all tools that create a positive corporate atmosphere within the office and create a motivational charge that is sure to enhance and rouse every member of the team or corporate association.

Corporate and business audiences have long been known to invest many thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands!) of budget and training dollars into their corporate meetings, training sessions, and company retreats and conventions. Event rental costs, including space rentals, travel costs, lodging, and lost man-hours can quickly add up and run over budget for the company. Wisely so, it is essential for the corporate event planner to make sure that the corporate speaker that your business invests in is a speaker that you can absolutely count on for hitting a home run for your planned event – and that he or she is well worth the investment.

Good corporate speakers and the organizations they work with, devote a significant amount of resources to researching the events that they speak at. Corporate planners want a corporate speaker who will deliver value for their employees and their audiences. It is important therefore, for you as an event planner to ensure that the corporate speaker finds the experience valuable as well. Before you make a decision on hiring a corporate speaker for your next event or retreat, make sure to diligently evaluate the suitability of each corporate speaker you encounter, as well as the type of arrangements they wish to consider.

When you’re planning a company meeting you want your corporate speaker to have the kind of potential that dramatically leads your people to action!  To learn more about what a corporate speaker can do you for you and your business, contact keynote presenter and corporate speaker, Mike Hourigan. Through his entertaining and educational keynotes and workshops, business and sales speaker, Mike Hourigan, has the potential to re-ignite his audiences – with education, entertainment, and enthusiam.

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