Customer Service ProgramsCustomer Service Training Programs: How to Win and Keep Customers, With Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant, and Trainer, Mike Hourigan

Providing excellent customer service to each and every client (or potential client) is what will keep your customers coming back over and over – and will exponentially improve your business’s bottom line for years to come.

Customer service in its simplest form means being completely responsive to a customer’s needs and being resourceful enough as an employee or business to successfully meet those needs. There is great strength then, in mastering the skills necessary to provide exceptional customer service. Customer service training programs can help in many ways.

Customer service training programs are interactive training programs with the intention of employees gaining knowledge, communication skills, positive mind-sets, efficiency, integrity, reliability, and helpfulness to each and every customer that comes in contact with the business. To set yourself apart as a business, and to be recognized as a valuable member of the team, you need to have satisfied customers. Customer service training programs are a great way to train your team to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities, and to deliver exceptional customer service time and again.

A large part of customer service training programs is the theory and practice of creating a seamless experience for the customer or potential customer. In today’s business world, competition is extremely fierce, and customers have more options than ever before with a wide variety of choices and companies vying for their attention and ultimately, their purchasing dollars — a tough combination indeed, for businesses trying to gain market share.

Effectual customer service then, is all about bringing customers in and of course, bringing them back over and over. And its about the customer experience: Sending customers away, satisifed and happy enough to pass on their positive experience of your business along to others, who may then frequent your business and in their turn become repeat customers themselves.

Every business is determined to have their company seen in an optimistic light, and in the age of social media, SEO and frequently-visited online review sites, it is important that our customers walk out the door happy, fulfilled – and ready to share their experience with others.

Customer Service Training professional, Mike Hourigan, will work with your entire team to make certain that they have the most up-to-date and pertinent customer service training tools necessary to consistently deliver and to exceed customer expectations. Mike’s customer service training programs are created to offer revenue generating training ideas and to encourage optimal customer service within your organization.