Famous Motivational Speaker Mike Hourigan Presentations, demonstrations, and workshops require a good deal of interaction with the audience.  Effective communication with others requires professional speakers to first learn about the people they are communicating with.  That includes knowing how their audience makes decisions, how they think about major issues in life and in the workplace, and how they prioritize their values.  Throughout the ages, many famous motivational speakers have perfected their skills of effective communication with their audiences and became some of the most sought after speakers in history.

Zig Ziglar is one of the most successful famous motivational speakers in America. Since 1970, Zig Ziglar’s career has catapulted from that of a champion seller to a master motivator and speaker.  Ziglar is in constant demand as most famous motivational speakers are, and he is a highly sought after instructor to audiences of all kinds and sizes.

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As a renowned professional speaker, Zig Zigler and other famous motivational speakers, seem to rise to national prominence by delivering a high energy message which inspires and equips people to live up to their greatness. How do famous motivational speakers achieve this objective?  Carefully — by combining their own life experiences with powerful delivery and newly emerging insights to teach, inspire, and channel their audiences to new and greater levels of achievement.

It also helps if famous motivational speakers are leading authorities on success in his or her own niche market.  Brian Tracy – a famous motivational speaker on leadership, sales, managerial effectiveness and business strategies provides his audiences with proven ideas and strategies that they can apply to get better results in every area of their lives and careers.  As famous motivational speakers do, Brian draws upon his own experience and successful careers in sales and marketing and investments and management consulting to deliver engaging and useful content for his audiences.

Famous motivational speakers are proven to be some of the most effective communicators in the world.  They have an innate ability to combine their passion, experience, knowledge, credibility, and emerging insights to successfully help their audiences achieve their required goals and objectives.  Add a great deal of enthusiasm and humor to the mix and deliver a high content message that empowers audiences to achieve extraordinary results, and you’ve got the makings of a famous motivational speaker!

Tony Robbins is another one of those famous motivational speakers we all hear about.  In fact, Tony may well be one of the world’s best known “famous motivational speakers” to the masses.  His infomercials dominated late night television during the 90s and he has reached over fifty million people around the world with best-selling books, public speaking events and live engagements.  A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership and peak performance, Tony Robbins continues to rise in popularity as most famous motivational speakers do throughout their career.

Drawing upon the success and proven principals of these famous motivational speakers, keynote speaker  Mike Hourigan, provides his audiences with fun and fact filled breakout sessions as well as dynamic training programs developed from his vast experience and knowledge.  Mike recognizes the need to immediately connect with his audience about their issues, culture and market in the “new now.” Delivering relevant, reliable, and realistic information presented in a fun and fast format, Mike has learned much from those famous motivational speakers – and encourages you to do the same.