How to find Great Keynote Speakers
Choosing the perfect keynote speaker for your event is no easy task. Keynote speakers set the tone for longer meetings and conferences, so if your speaker is a dud – watch out! It may be hard to keep your audience there for the rest of your scheduled events.

Great keynote speakers need to be able to deliver a specific message effectively, engage the audience, and influence their perspective. The speaker you hire should spend time researching the type of event being held, the target audience, the company’s history, and the industry in general.

When deciding between several keynote speakers, consider the following:

A funny, engaging presentation style is the bare minimum for keynote speakers. What sets good speakers apart from great ones is their ability to reach the audience in a way that’s personal to each individual, as well as universal in their message about the company.

Keynote speakers certainly don’t need to be famous, but it’s helpful to hire a speaker with relevant accomplishments that will help them cater to your specific industry.

Ask convention speakers for testimonials from similar clients, industries, or types of audiences.

Clearly communicate your organization’s specific goals for the event with the speaker. This will help him or her tailor their talk to your company’s needs and create dynamic content that will address the issues most relevant to the audience.

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