Millennials are quickly comprising the largest segment of the workforce right now. In addition to being the largest and most prevalent generation to market to and work with, Millennials are also the most educated and most diverse generation America has ever had. While there are many rewarding aspects to working with Millennials, the generational gap in the workplace has also proven to be a major challenge to organizational leaders.Millenial Speaker Mike Hourigan

Subsequently, there is also a challenge in finding a great keynote speaker who gets Millennials without them feeling like they’re being pandered to or having their time wasted.

What to Look For in a Keynote Speaker for a Millennial Audience

  • The speaker engages with the audience and doesn’t make them feel as if their time is being wasted. Millennials are fed up with being told they’re entitled for wanting more from their jobs: now they have drop what they’re doing to attend this meeting? To keep morale from flagging, you need a motivational speaker who gets this audience and can have them in stitches because they can relate to the stories being told.
  • An emphasis on soft skills is a major plus. Because Millennials were largely told to go to college and increase their skills or else their lives would hit a dead-end, this generation is sorely lacking in soft skills because technical proficiency was more valued in their education. Throwing in some soft skills training without them realizing it is definitely something to consider when hiring a keynote speaker.
  • Communication is prioritized. The current generation of managers is frustrated with communicating with Millennials. Whether this is from generational values or that lack of soft skills development in modern education, or perhaps both, there is definitely a communication breakdown happening. When engaging with an audience comprised of people who are not Millennials but have to manage them, the ideal keynote speaker for dealing with generational differences outlines communication techniques that will make the workplace- and life- feel far less inhospitable to both parties.

Dealing with generational differences is never easy and Millennials tend to be vilified. But with the right keynote speaker and strategy, you can turn the Millennial challenge into an asset that puts your organization several steps ahead of the competition.

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