Why You Should Hire a Funny Change Management Speaker

Change management isn’t exactly a topic that typically inspires a lot of laughs: it implies that rough times could potentially be coming due to changes in technology, organizational structure and culture, consumer demands, and other factors in running a company.Change Management Speaker

Of course, change isn’t inherently a bad thing. Change is what drives progress and innovation. But for organizations that are set in their ways when it comes to everything from business processes to culture fit, it’s definitely a challenge to overcome. Hence, change management is a full-force concept in the business world today. Adapting to change, controlling the outcomes of inevitable change, and effecting changes are all part of change management and may be causing tribulations for your team.

Here’s why you should specifically look for a funny change management speaker.

Humor helps put people at ease.

A funny and memorable change management keynote speaker can make the process less scary for your team. Finding ways to make the prospect of momentous change into something engaging and even hilarious will make the audience more receptive to what’s about to come.

Being able to laugh about situations prone to change fosters resilience.

A good change management speaker uses plausible and true-to-life stories that the audience can relate to. Mostly, these stories are memorable and can help make the listeners more open and resilient towards change.

Change management techniques alone can be a dry and boring topic.

The whole concept of change management can be scary to some, but for many people it’s also simply a boring topic like any other that would merit a meeting being called. A keynote speaker who is capable of keeping the audience closely listening and even wanting more because they’re constantly laughing and participating in the humorous presentation, will accomplish far more than a speaker who is simply knowledgable of change management strategies and implementation.

Change management doesn’t have to be boring or fearsome. A funny change management speaker can make a marked difference in morale, productivity, and overall harmony in all of the stages of coping with change.

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