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Hire the Right Public Speaker

Hiring a public speaker for your next event can prove to be a rather intimidating task. So, how exactly do you hire the right public speaker for your audience? Here is how:

1. Research locally – but don’t limit yourself to “local” only speakers
Let’s keep in mind that often one of the first things that takes place before a company decides to hire a public speaker for their event or training session, is deciding on a budget for the speaking event or training session.  Keeping in mind “the bottom line” when it comes to hiring a public speaker often means looking in your own backyard for reputable speakers.  And that’s certainly a wise choice.  A local public speaker will save you a lot of budget dollars by eliminating the need for travel, lodging and some of those professional fees that come from a speaker being away from other duties during the travel periods.  However, it’s dually important to ensure that you NEVER forfeit an exceptional public speaker for the event in favor of an average local public speaker.

2. Ask for referrals
The greatest public speakers for hire are often commonly very well-known amongst their market niche, industry and peers. This is great news for you, because it gives you a chance to find out who is making an impact on colleagues and the competition.  Ask peers in the marketplace to make recommendations and take the time to do your own research online as well.  Search the website of your favorite public speakers and take a few moments pouring over the testimonials page.  The best way to make sure that you’re hiring the right public speaker for your event is by learning what others in the industry have to say about him or her.

4. Contact the speaker directly
Once visiting the speaker’s websites, take the time to write down the contact info and come up with a few questions you can ask the speaker before narrowing down your choices.  The answers you’ll get from an impromptu cold call are very telling.  If the speaker stumbles over the subject matter that you need him or her to bring to the audience, chances are that he or she is likely not the best public speaker in this instance for your event.

Thank the speaker for their time and let them know that you will keep their name and phone number on file for a different kind of pubic speaking event or training session in the future.  Public speakers are a rather authentic bunch, after all, most of their speeches center on personal experience and are forthcoming to a fault, therefore should you contact a speaker who doesn’t completely align with the goals and intentions of the speaking event; he or she is most inclined to let you know.  The public speaker’s main goal is to fill the needs of his or her clients and give added value, thus, if it’s not a right fit for you, it’s probably not the right fit for the public speaker either.

The success of your next business event or corporate training session depends almost entirely on the public speaker that you hire. Consider all of your options carefully before selecting the best person for the job, and after all considerations have been made – may the best public speaker for hire, win.

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