The 10 commandments of hiring a corporate event speaker

Corporate Event Speaker Mike Hourigan
With an unlimited number of choices for your next corporate event speaker, choosing the perfect fit for your event can be intimidating and overwhelming.

If you’re struggling to find the right speaker and don’t know where to start, follow these 10 commandments to help you narrow down your choices.

The corporate event speaker you choose should have:
1. A great professional resume that not only demonstrates experience in your industry, but a variety of professional experience to lend the Corporate Event Speaker’s resume (and their speech) more depth.
2. A great speaking resume that reflects the professional experience of the Corporate Event Speaker. This is crucial because a great professional resume does not necessarily mean the person in question has the right kind of speaking experience. Finding a Corporate Event Speaker with ample speaking experience is crucial.
3. Speaking videos so you can get a clear sense of the style and energy of the Corporate Event Speaker. Videos also guarantee that their speaking resume is legit.
4. Corporate experience, preferably in your industry. This is very important for a corporate event speaker. Having a strong professional resume does not necessarily mean the Corporate Event Speaker understands the complexities of working in the corporate world.
5. Corporate speaking experience, preferably in your industry. Just as a strong resume does not guarantee a strong speaking resume, corporate experience doesn’t guarantee corporate speaking experience. Find a Corporate Event Speaker with a proven track record of speaking to similar corporations in your industry.
6. A Corporate Event Speaker must have a sense of humor is crucial to the success of your speech, not only for entertainment’s sake, but to create a lasting, resonant message with your audience.
7. The ability to inspire your audience and remind them of your company’s unique vision for the future.
8. An action-based approach that transforms mere inspiration into specific action steps that each employee can take to achieve company goals.
9. References that are available via their website or shared with you directly. Make sure these references are from speaking engagements and aren’t just general professional references.
10. A team player attitude that makes the corporate event speaker feel like your partner and a part of your company.

Mike Hourigan is a corporate event speaker for established companies, organizations and events throughout the United States and Europe. Contact Mike at 704-875-3030, 888-PRO-KEYNOTE or fill out the form below.

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