Finding an Engaging Keynote Safety Speaker for Your Next EventKeynote Speaker Mike Hourigan

Calling a meeting where you need to address workplace safety issues isn’t always the most thrilling prospect. Safety regulations are extremely important, but the attendees aren’t going to be paying much attention if the meeting will be just like listening to flight attendants explain how to use seatbelts: something they’ve heard numerous iterations of before, and will subsequently tune it out.

The good news is that you CAN have an engaging and even funny safety speaker handle this event for you. By hiring a professional keynote speaker, they can address the compliance issues or other safety regulations in an interesting and/or interface format so that the attendees will be focused and able to bring their takeaways from the meeting back to the workplace.

Here’s what you should look for when hiring a safety speaker:

  • The speaker goes beyond safety procedures with storytelling that the audience can relate to. A keynote safety speaker need not have specific safety training background, though it doesn’t hurt. Same goes for prior speaking experience with factories, utility companies, and similar industries. However, storytelling is what drives engagement and will make the attendees remember what they’ve learned.
  • They use humor to put the attendees at ease and get them hooked. People want to hear personal stories that are relatable, such as the time that a workplace accident helped develop crisis management skills and communication among team members, but are also laced with humor. Not only will the audience remember a funny story better than a dull lecture about compliance regulation changes, but they’ll still be talking about it later.
  • Safety and compliance isn’t the sole focus. In addition to good storytelling, an effective safety speaker will also incorporate points that encourage stronger teamwork and motivation.
  • The speaker isn’t afraid to interact with the audience. The workers attending the meeting may feel resentful their time has to be used this way. It’s up to the speaker to get them involved in the process so that the audience is highly engaged.

A good safety speaker will interview managers and  gather information about the audience beforehand in order to educate and inspire. Compliance facts simply repeated to the audience shouldn’t be the only topic covered.

Mike Hourigan is a keynote speaker for established companies, organizations and events throughout the United States and Europe.
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