Mike Hourigan holds a motivational keynote speech on Team BuildingIf you want to hire a motivational speaker, first there are some things that you should know:

1)  What do you want to accomplish?

You can realistically anticipate an entertained and inspired crowd when hiring the correct motivational speaker.  But that’s just the beginning – and the avenue of almost any motivational speech.  The question to ask yourself before hiring a motivational speaker is, what do I really want to accomplish with the session?  You should know exactly what the intention or goal is when hiring a motivational speaker.  Is for corporate entertainment and retreat?  Is it to teach effective communication skills training and techniques? Or have new changes recently been introduced to the business and you need the employees to hop on board and get excited about change in the workplace?

Either way, knowing precisely what you want to accomplish from the motivational session is the first step to hiring the right motivational speaker.

2)  Who can meet the needs of your company or event?

A motivational speaker has a lot of insight, and real-life experience in addition to a solid grasp on human psychology, to stir and rouse the audience he or she speaks to. Motivational speakers generally have first hand knowledge on how things work in life as well as in business. The key to hiring the right motivational speaker for your event or corporate entertainment occasion, is finding a proficient speaker who analyzes employee strengths and weaknesses, researches the causes, and fine-tunes the practical solutions to enforce a healthier and more productive and cohesive workplace.

Your motivational speaker will do his or her homework well by conducting thorough research about the organization – and the ultimate goals and needs of the organization. The solutions that a motivational speaker provides, then comes from the reservoir of his or her wisdom, practical application and relevance to your group or organization.

Take some time, discovering the assets and recommendations of the motivational speakers available to you.  It is imperative that you hire the motivational speaker that most closely represents the core values and needs of your business.

3)  Consultants can make a big difference.

The problem with hiring a motivational speaker with no follow-up or consultancy is that the message can sometimes wear off after a period of time.  At first, the audience is jazzed and ready for change, but just like a New Years resolution gone the way of the window, the message can begin to stale and lose its potency.  This is the time where a motivational speaker consultant can really add that metaphorical “fuel to the fire.”

Its one thing to have an energized and knowledgeable motivational speaker that spurs the audience into action and deeper reflection of changes and improvements that they would like to make.  It’s another thing entirely, to have a motivational speaker that follows up with consultancy and perhaps, a series of short conference calls, text messages or emails to help make the “message stick.”   This unique follow-up process is key to hiring the right motivational speaker for your group.  A one-hit-wonder may come in handy for corporate entertainment events that are intended to rouse and amuse a group, but for those business events that require more potency to the message – follow up is a small extra that makes a big difference.

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