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How To Get What You Want Through Negotiation


From buying a car to making a million dollar corporate purchasing decision, the skills are the same.  This program teaches you to be comfortable in any of these emotional and ‘nerve wracking’ situations.


I. Understanding a negotiation

II. Anatomy of a negotiation

A. Content

B. Technique

C. Outcome


III. The power of leverage

A. Happy to have

B. If only I could have

C. “Gotta” have


IV. Negotiate with yourself first

A. Learn your negotiating strengths

B. Why you are different than any other negotiator


V. Understand the negotiation process

A. Your position vs. their position


B. Your interests vs. their interests

VI. Develop your own negotiation agenda

A. Power

B. Information

C. Time


VII. Negotiate as a team


VIII. The Four W’s of your negotiation

A. who

B. what

C. when

D. where


IX. What to do once the negotiating begins


X. Avoiding some of the dirty tricks

A. Tactics

B. Problems

C. Styles

D. Tools


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