Finding the Right Human Resources Keynote Speaker

Keynote SpeakerOrganizations of all types and sizes face several challenges when it comes to talent management. Employees are humans with motivations and quirks behind their performance evaluations and overall contributions, and emphasize the “human” portion of human resources (HR) management. Regulations also compound the inherent challenges to HR.

In wanting to get the best talent while keeping prices competitive and other aspects of HR management, it’s imperative to work with an expert who can lead the team solving these problems. Human resources keynote speakers can address these critical issues that definitely affect the organization’s current profitability and long-term stability.

How Can a Human Resources Keynote Speaker Help My Organization?

While your human resources department and managers directly responsible for hiring may be adept at their jobs, the outside perspective that a human resources expert brings to the table can solve problems in your organization that may be overlooked. This is because in addition to a new set of eyes and ears, human resources keynote speakers stay up to date on current HR trends and insights as well as their specific areas of expertise. For example, you may be seeking out a keynote speaker who can provide training for diversity initiatives and other workplace inclusion policies, depending on what direction your organization is taking.

By hiring an engaging human resources keynote speaker to lead your next meeting or conference pertaining to talent management, the speaker will customize their presentation to fit your unique needs and pressing challenges. This may be in the context of contemporary ethics issues and regulatory challenges. Overall, human resources keynote speakers can lend your organization the following benefits:

  • Improve employee morale
  • Bolster performance with ideas, tools, and methods
  • Mitigate risks in employee disputes
  • Gain a clearer understanding of federal, state, and/or local labor regulations
  • Attract and retain the talent needed to foster competitive advantage

Your employees are your most valuable asset but also human beings whose problems can’t be solved with an algorithm. Getting a human touch with the right speaker can put your organization on track to resolving critical talent management issues.

Mike Hourigan is a Human Resources Keynote Speaker for established companies, organizations and events throughout the United States and Europe.

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