The Age of the International Motivational Speaker from ‘A’ustralia to ‘Z’imbabwe

This is the age of the International Motivational Speaker. The globalized nature of today’s business environment has ensured that every individual issue or corporate crisis can only be solved after being viewed in its entirety, in an international framework. If you’re a corporation looking to boost employee morale, a business school aiming to motivate graduates, or an event planner in search of the right speaker to communicate a specific message to stakeholders, you need a speaker who embodies the principles of multicultural globalism.

When companies navigate high stress situations like layoffs, new management structures, or downsizing, it is essential to provide them with a professional speaker who will help guide them through these changes. Armed with years of cross-cultural and global experience, an international motivational speaker communicates powerful, proven strategies that can be applied to any industry or cultural group.

Unlike other speakers, the key to locating the appropriate international motivational speaker for your event is to focus primarily on experience. Ensure that the speaker has successfully dealt with the issues your audience needs addressed, and that this experience is applicable to both your company culture and geographical culture. Understanding the cultural nuances of different countries, as well as having varied interests, international acclaim, and the ability to speak on a multitude of subjects are all strong signs that this speaker can connect with and inspire a diverse audience.

Mike Hourigan is an International Motivational Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in change management and communications skills training.
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