Best Keynote Address

3 Tips to Make Sure Your Keynote Address Drives the Point Home

The keynote address is hands-down the most important part of your event or conference. A great keynote address will not only inspire and educate your audience, but will promote your event and boost its reputation for years to come.

But many keynote addresses fall flat when it comes to really making a connection with the crowd. In order to really drive the point home, your keynote speech should:

  1. Incorporate humor – humor does much more than merely make your audience laugh. A humorous keynote address engenders trust with your audience by creating a strong human connection. When people laugh and let down their guard, they’re able to connect with the speaker and their keynote address on much deeper level. They’re also much more likely to remember the keynote address long-term.
  2. Be hyper-specific – a vague or generic keynote address that could have been given at any event will fall flat with your audience. A great keynote address will be specific to the challenges facing your company as well as your unique company culture. Nothing perks up an audience’s ears like references to what matters most to them in their position and department.
  3. Include actionable next steps – the best keynote address is one that provides your audience with a vision of the future, as well as the steps to get there. There is no point in inspiring a crowd if you don’t give them strategic ways to bring that inspiration to fruition.

Mike Hourigan is a keynote speaker for established companies, organizations and events throughout the United States and Europe. Contact Mike at 704-875-3030, 888-PRO-KEYNOTE or fill out the form below.

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