Mike Hourigan, your Keynote Sales Speaker

Get the Most Out of Your Keynote Sales Speaker at Your Next Meeting.

Keynote-sales-speaker-mike-houriganAny good sales keynote speaker can take the theme of your sales meeting and weave it throughout a presentation. Your professional keynote speaker can bring up a new campaign, define the importance of sales training or use your product in the presentation. Your keynote sales speaker can do much more than just set the tone of the meeting – they can set the expectations for your entire event.

To get the best from your motivational or keynote sales speaker, enlist them at the beginning of the sales meeting process.  Many sales meetings are planned first and a keynote sales speaker is picked last.  If you involve your professional speaker from the beginning they can become a powerful resource and help you get the most from your sales meeting. They can share ideas that worked for other clients and give you free insider tips. Remember, they are in the meeting business, you are in the sales business- don’t be afraid to pick their brain.

A keynote speech is just like a sales call – the majority of the work is done before you visit the client. Understanding what the client wants, why it is important to them, and how it should be presented, hold true for each situation.

So use your sales manager’s skills and prep with your keynote sales speaker the same as you would before a call. Once that is done, sit back, relax and enjoy the sale, oops – I mean the speech.

Book Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan for your next Sales Meeting.

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