Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan holds his keynote speech in Dallas, TX
Keynote Speakers Feel Bigger in Dallas TX

Giving a keynote speech in Dallas TX is always a thrill for me. It begins with a ride from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport to downtown Dallas which welcomes you at night with an array of buildings outlined in lights looking like huge wrapped gifts.

The skyline is not the only big thing in Dallas TX. The Dallas Convention Center is right in the middle of Downtown Dallas and within walking distance to great restaurants, museums and art galleries.

The Dallas Convention Center is enormous and known for the Texas hospitality of its staff. If you are the keynote speaker for a national convention or one of the breakout speakers, you will feel like a big shot in Dallas TX.

Any keynote speaker or professional speaker will tell you how big the event feels in Dallas. As someone who lived and worked in Texas, I can’t help looking forward to a big Texas welcome when I go back to give a keynote speech in Dallas.

Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan delivers exhilarating speeches on Change Management, Leadership, and Sales, and can often be found enjoying the Texas feeling in Dallas TX.

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