Three Great Ways to ruin a Keynote Speech

1. Make sure the keynote speaker’s introducer has not read their introduction in advance so they can mispronounce the speaker’s name and garble the set up of their first joke. Even better, hide the introducers reading glasses so they can just wing it and introduce the wrong speaker.

2. If your speaker requests a hand held microphone give them a headset so they will not be able to do the bit where they knock on the microphone or change hands for effect. Or try this, when they request a lapel microphone, give your professional speaker a hand held microphone, so when they tell their best story which involves two hands they will have to put the microphone down so the audience will not be able to hear them.

3. Don’t tell the speaker that you want the last 15 minutes of their speech to be question and answer. Then place microphones in the isles during the talk and encourage people to start lining up to ask their questions.

There are so many more techniques that can really make your keynote speaker bomb but these should give you a good start.


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