A Balanced Approach to Management

Is leadership an art or a science?

Leadership and management experts have argued this question for years.

This lively program looks at both sides of the question and delivers great ideas on each viewpoint.

  • What gets people promoted
  • How to distinguish yourself as a leader
  • Where and when to be a leader or a manager
  • How to handle the buddy or boss syndrome
  • How to inspire someone older than you
  • How to inspire someone younger than you
  • Understand what employees want
  • How to delegate for results
  • Five ways to reward at low cost
  • Understand the four-minute rule of interviewing
  • Beware of words that rob you of your leadership credibility
  • How to pinpoint for leadership accuracy and results
  • Where to invest in employees
  • Beware of the corporate minefield
  • The number one killer of any new program
  • It doesn’t take big money or promotions to motivate employees
  • How to praise for repeated results

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