How do you communicate with and motivate Millennials? They seem to be constantly buried in their phones, and want to look for new ways to solve problems and get things done rather than go with the methods that management has relied on for years. This is just one of the many challenges that comes to having a multigenerational workforce. But it doesn’t have to be this way.Multi Generational Workforce Speaker Mike Hourigan

Given that they are the largest generation in US history, Millennials bear a huge amount of influence on both labor and market trends. In spite of this, many consistently feel as though other generations don’t listen to them, especially at work. While there are principles of good communication that transcend generations, there’s no doubts that previous generations have different strengths and weaknesses compared to Millennials in the ways that they communicate and collaborate. The older end of the Millennial generation grew up watching technology evolve while the younger generation learned to type before they could diagram sentences. Their youth culture was shaped and projected differently compared to the past, and has ushered in behaviors that often mystify older generations. While there is a lot of talent beneath the surface on both sides, crossing generational divides at work is often tougher than it has to be.

Investing in communication skills sessions can help address the stark differences in intergenerational communications, and change the way that your employees work with one another. You can have the most technically proficient employees and even nicest people on the face of the earth working for you, but when most of the day is spent communicating in some form? Managers can’t afford to let communications and interpersonal skills go unaddressed. With the different ways that Millennials prefer to communicate compared to Boomers and Xers, things are often taken out of context as a result: you may think being looking at a phone at a meeting is rude, but are unaware that your younger co-worker is putting out a fire in another department.

A communications keynote speaker adept with addressing generational divides can help set the right tone for how an organization can be diverse in age ranges but still foster excellent communication among team members.

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