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Common Mistakes in Hiring a Keynote Speaker

You need a great keynote speaker for your event and in all the hoopla leading up to it, you might be getting overwhelmed. As a result, you can end up making some mistakes when choosing a keynote speaker: this can cause your meeting to totally flat flat, or other aspects of your event can go wrong. Here are some common mistakes made when choosing a keynote speaker for meetings, events, and conferences and how you can avoid them.

You haven’t made the speaker an integral part of organizing the event.

For large conferences, the keynote speaker sets the tone of the event. When it comes to events like sales meetings, the keynote speaker plays a major role in keeping the audience engaged and using their skills, experience, and stories in teaching them something. The event planner must include the speaker in the planning process and not merely treat them as an additional service. How is the speaker going to help the people organizing the event meet their objectives?

Picking the absolute cheapest speaker you can find and focusing on keeping their fee low.

While staying within your budget is a concern, there’s a reason why that adage “You get what you pay for” exists. When you focus on trying to beat down the keynote speaker cost, you’re not going to warm that person up to working with you. Most of all, you should seek how to get the most value out of their fees: can they offer additional coaching or other services to your team?

Lacking a follow-up strategy.

Some events herald a permanent change. A one-time event simply won’t do, such as a quarterly sales team meeting. You need to work with the speaker, and this is a two-way street, to form a solid action plan for follow-up after the meeting. The speaker can recommend additional experts and resources or perhaps provide one-on-one coaching to get you past the challenge that change management brings.

In avoiding these costly mistakes, you’ll be able to meet or even surpass your objectives for the event and get the most value out of the speaker.


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