Great Motivational Keynote Speakers

The goal of motivational keynote speakers is to inspire change in the performance of an individual or organization. Areas of change can include interpersonal relationships, customer service, sales team building, communication skills training, creativity, or whatever most needs to be addressed. So what should you look for when choosing a motivation keynote  speaker for your event?

1. The X Factor
Great motivational keynote speakers will often possess an indefinable X factor that easily draws people in with positive energy, a great personality, and above average listening skills. That’s right – the best motivational speakers are just as good at listening as talking.

2. Style
When hiring a motivational keynote speaker, consider the ultimate vision and tone of the event. Some speakers specialize in delivering their message with humor and lots of physicality, while others expertly utilize “tough love.” What will your audience respond to?

3. Flexibility
All professional Motivational Keynote Speakers should be flexible and empathetic to the energy of the crowd, and able to adjust their message accordingly.

4. Energy
When hiring a motivational keynote speaker, look for innate qualities of persuasiveness, articulation, integrity, and a vibrant contagious energy.

5. Clarity
The motivational keynote speaker that makes the biggest impact is able to clearly articulate a specific message that ends with a call to action.

By giving the motivational keynote speaker as much information as possible about who they will be addressing, including company demographics, age ranges, and organizational dynamics, motivational keynotes speakers will be able to create and deliver a powerful experience.

Mike Hourigan is a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in communication skills training and Change Management Keynotes.

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