Motivational Speaker in ChicagoMotivational Speaker Mike Hourigan speaks in Chicago, IL

For a motivational speaker, Chicago, Illinois is an ideal town to captivate an audience. Chicago has always been known as a hard working town, from the steel workers that put their blood and sweat into the vast array of skyscrapers, to the folks sitting at desks in those very same buildings. The people of Chicago are already driven by their Midwestern work ethic, so coming in as a motivational speaker is a snap; the people already have the spark, and I can just fan the flame. On my last visit, I got a chance to work with a number of people, both in breakout sessions and in a larger group venue at the Congress Plaza Hotel. This particular venue is a beautiful piece of history and still managed to accommodate the latest technological advances.

Chicago is home to the hilarious comedy troupe Second City and it is easy to see how an improvisational comedy ground flourished here. I found that through humor it was much easier to connect with folks. As a motivational speaker, improving a business’ efficiency doesn’t have to be a drag. When people can laugh and learn with their coworkers it improves their perception of work, and improves the productivity of the business. I was also astounded by how much Chicago loves their local teams. It is a reflection of their competitive drive, but also their loyalty through thick and thin. So much of Chicago’s character can be seen through the individual people here. It makes it a pleasure to speak with them and to them. I can’t wait to return to this great city on a Great Lake because it’s my kind of town.

Mike Hourigan is a Motivational Speaker in Chicago, as well as an Author and Consultant who specializes in communications skills training.
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