Multi Generational Workforce Speaker Mike Hourigan

There are many challenges in having a multigenerational workforce. Communication breakdowns can be common, engagement lacking, and this younger crowd seems to be more interested in using their phones than having face-to-face conversations. In planning your next meeting and looking for a great keynote motivational speaker, you definitely want someone who can relate to a Millennial audience. While there are many mistakes that can be made when choosing a motivational speaker, one of the biggest aspects of this is making Millennial stereotypes in the address.Millennial Speaker Mike Hourigan

Good-natured ribbing about student loans and avocado toast is one thing. Millennials, however, are the largest, most diverse, and most educated generation in American history. They are hard-working with a lot of technical skills but may be lacking in soft skills as a result of workplace and educational environments that prioritized technical learning. The older end of the generation grew up watching technology evolve while the younger end grew up being technology-native so even among the same generation there are differences in how they communicate, learn, and process information.

Avoiding stereotyping is important when addressing any group of people. Given the way that Millennials tend to interpret things from having that technology-first attitude that can make management and co-workers feel like they’re left behind, it’s definitely important not to generalize and reduce the audience to cultural stereotypes (“Those darn Millennials constantly buried in their phones!”) if you want them to be engaged and taking something away from the meeting or event.

When people feel like they’ve been reduced to stereotypes, it’s definitely a sign that the speaker failed to live up to their promise of delivering an excellent keynote address. In avoiding stereotypes, it not only makes the audience feel more at ease but also that they not having their time wasted and subsequently tuning out what they are hearing as a result. Generation gaps can present growing pains in hiring, completing projects, and change management but a good generational gap keynote speaker should be able to address the organization’s pain points without having to resort to stereotypes.

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