Nashville Keynote Speaker

Whenever a meeting planner asks me to be a keynote speaker in Nashville, I (Mike Hourigan) always jump at the chance. The reason I am excited to be a keynote speaker in Nashville is because everything in Nashville is fun and exciting.  This excitement starts the minute you get off the plane and you hear great country music being played by wannabe artists strategically located throughout the Nashville, TN airport.

Most conventions in Nashville open with fabulous country music sometimes by the superstars themselves like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill or legends like Charlie Daniels. While I can’t sing my way out of a paper bag, I’m always hoping my keynote speech or breakout speech will hit the right note just like these country music giants do!

If you are a company in Nashville looking for a Keynote Speaker for your next sales meeting, please contact me to further discuss the opportunity for me to be your next Keynote Speaker.

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