It’s not about the destination, it’s about the decision.  If the only thing influencing an event planner’s decision was location, all meetings would be in Hawaii!Tourism Speaker Mike Hourigan

Realistically, meetings are held everywhere and anywhere and all year round. This negotiation skills program provides insights to tourism professionals on how to get the results they want by giving the client what they NEED.

Buying decisions are made after a negotiation process. How often were you sure you had the deal sewn up and lost it to your competitor and their price was much higher?  Mike Hourigan details the ins and outs of the negotiation process in this illuminating, interactive program for tourism professionals.

Negotiation planning form included with this program!

Everything Counts

  • We want you to come back, really!

Why Negotiations Fail

  • Finding something even meeting planners go gaga for

Forget WIN/WIN

  • Think FAIR/FAIR
  • Negotiate from a position of strength
  • Words guaranteed to make you lower your price

There Are Only 4 Types of Buyers

  • How to get to the buyer who can pull the purchasing trigger

Extravagant Errands and Ridiculous Requests

  • Making the Onsite Team Happy

Additional Program Take-Aways:

  • Stop spending the time on the wrong side of negotiation
  • The content
  • The technique
  • The four boxes of any negation
  • How to negotiate from a position of strength
  • Awards trips
  • Sales meetings
  • Trade shows
  • Conventions
  • Retreats
  • Dealing with the usual tricks, ploys and objections


Negotiation Speaker Mike Hourigan: Forget Win/Win

Negotiation Styles by Tourism Presenter Mike Hourigan